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GEM005-1 Side face full-automatic unmanned strapper

GEM005-1 Side face full-automatic unmanned strapper Details

The machine is special design for full automatic and no-worker operated packing.
Adopt the new technology,long use life and easy to maintain.
The machine is front and end equipped with the belt of feeding.Can choose whether add the check %26amp; warning device or not.Safe,full automatic and no-worker packing.
The height of tabletop can be adjusted according to the belt of feeding.
Adopt the alnico configuration,can change the dimension,to suitable for all size of goods.

Model GEM005-1
Size of machine 1860x620x1210
Table width 180-620
Strapping speed 2-3 second/strap
Size of segment frame 600x800
P.P.belt width 9-15 thickness 0.55-1.10
Power 380V/50HZ 1000W5A
Weight of machine 290Kgs
Size of encasements 1540x720x1440

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